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The Fundamentals of Finance Content Marketing

Once upon a time, stern bank managers in small office rooms were the gatekeepers to the world of finance, controlling mortgage loan approvals, determining credit scores, and running bankers’ cheques through their fingers. But it’s a different story today. Anyone can apply for a loan by Googling instructions right from their phone, or get stock

5 Content Marketing Examples: Experts Tell Us Why They’re a Success

We’ve all heard it before – in modern-day marketing, content is king. High-quality content is why many businesses have generated an abundance of customer leads. But when you’re competing with countless stories, it takes an exceptional digital marketing strategy to stand out and connect with your audience; it’s simply not just about SEO. So, we

Community Management and Discord. Is It Only for NFTs?

Discord has caught the attention of digital marketers, especially with the rise of NFTs. It was initially a niche communication platform with the vast majority geared towards video gamers until marketers saw and harnessed its potential as an effective community management tool. But is it only for NFTs? The quick answer is no. Discord can

A Guide to Hiring a Business Analyst

To say that it’s been a turbulent time for businesses around the world would be a gross understatement.  Companies are still reeling from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 crisis whilst grappling with global financial turbulence described in a recent TechCrunch article as “teetering on the verge of a recession.” New forms of financial and

A Complete Guide on How to Hire a Growth Marketer

Each enterprise, big or small, aims for growth. This is why growth marketers are becoming more and more in demand. In the past year alone (October 2022 vs October 2021), Google Trends show that there has been a 360% increase in searches for growth marketing managers.  Thus, we give companies a complete guide on how

Webflow VS Editor X: A Detailed Comparison in 2022

What is Editor X? Editor X is a modern website builder with a user-friendly interface. Since Wix released it in April 2020, it has gained more users and functionalities that developers can explore. With Editor X’s excellent design capabilities, Wix is trying to penetrate a more sophisticated market of agencies and freelancers producing custom designs, modern