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The Fundamentals of Finance Content Marketing

Once upon a time, stern bank managers in small office rooms were the gatekeepers to the world of finance, controlling mortgage loan approvals, determining credit scores, and running bankers’ cheques through their fingers. But it’s a different story today. Anyone can apply for a loan by Googling instructions right from their phone, or get stock

5 Content Marketing Examples: Experts Tell Us Why They’re a Success

We’ve all heard it before – in modern-day marketing, content is king. High-quality content is why many businesses have generated an abundance of customer leads. But when you’re competing with countless stories, it takes an exceptional digital marketing strategy to stand out and connect with your audience; it’s simply not just about SEO. So, we

A Guide to Hiring E-Commerce Marketing Experts

E-commerce is no longer a domain for just small businesses and startups. Businesses of all sizes have started to adopt an e-commerce component into their strategy. Due to the intense competition, having an e-commerce marketer on board is crucial to ensure your target customers visit and purchase products from your online store. But how and

Why a Product Manager’s Role is Vital to Your Growth & Marketing

Traditionally, marketing and product management teams have differing roles in a company — one responsible for promotion, and the other for product development. While marketing teams come up with strategies that drive website traffic, product managers build clear, easy-to-use products while offering user solutions. Oftentimes, these teams operate independently even though both functions are greatly